Oscar is an educational campaign that makes recycling easy and accessible to all.

Oscar’s mission is to encourage a less wasteful lifestyle through education and community outreach.

Oscar hosts “No time to waste” events like toy drives and clothing drives, and hosts plastic bag and film pick-ups to clear landfills and oceans of them, making these recycling services more accessible to communities, especially to those without recycling programs.

At these events location-based recycling guides will also be passed out to community members, making recycling simpler in the home.

Oscars reaches even more communities through its recycling application, giving its users insight and information about their waste.

The Dashboard tab allows users to quickly find answers to recycling questions about specific items or materials along with a quick view of the tracker.

In the Schedule tab, users can see their personal trash pickup days along with possible upcoming Oscar “No time to waste” events.

The Resources tab provides educational tools for living a sustainable lifestyle and learning how to help the planet.

The Tracker tab allows users to understand their impact, comparing their emissions to everyday items like water bottles and plastic bags.

No time to waste.